Thursday, July 17, 2008

Penny's Photo Debut

Penny joined the Urban Hen Flock about two weeks ago, but I was unable to load photos. Isn't she sweet? The flock just wasn't right without a little red hen.

Eating some "chicken crack". Don't worry it's only cracked corn and wheat. The Girlz love it. Click Girlz read to be introduced to the others.

Have you ever held a hen? They are heavier than you'd think and very very soft. They tend to be a bit tense in the feet, but will stay still if you hold their wings calm. They have wonderfully large wings, but due to their weight, they are able to fly into a tree for the night, perhaps, but that's about it.

Here is the crazy little egg that son #2 found in the grass! So wee and cute. (Can anything BE Wee and not cute as well?) Click Penny's name here to read the egg story. We haven't seen any other eggs since.

Penny came from a farm where the hens were kept iin pens. She's had to watch the other girls and learn all about what to do when see loose in the yard for part of each day. The Girlz keep very busy and she tags along.


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