Thursday, July 24, 2008

The OOAK Coffee Cozy

These are the latest in OOAK coffee cozies from Bliss Monkey Studio. I like making unique items for unique people! They are larger, I mean TALLER, to allow for more design area and to be extra fab.

WHAT is OOAK anyway? When I first came to Etsy, I didn't know....... it's one-of-a-kind. Meaning there will not be another like it made. All my other coffee cuffs are sewn in batches of 6 or 9. These are the deluxe babies!

The animals come from a vintage children's curtain that I found at a yard sale last summer. I've made so many things from these fun prints. And when they are gone, they are gone.

I wish I could remember to take a photo of the cozy flat, before I sew the side seam and label in! It helps to see the over-all design! Cute birdie on Hippo's head. Friendship, or a better word might be companionship.

Didja know that all my coffee cozies fit on a pint glass? Good for beer and pints of coffee hot OR cold in the shop!

I've also restocked my etsy store with all the classic guy designs: bark cloth Tiki Man, Red Hot Hibiscus, and a new Blue Hibiscus print that I named Luau.


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Anonymous said...

OOOH...I LOVE THE HIPPO, I wish I drank coffee. It was good to see you all on Sat. How is the skirt? -tonia