Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In the 80's....

"It's a Cruel Summer".... "leaving me here on my own! It's a cruel, cruel summa...." Remember Bananrama and their giant hair and white overalls? Watch the video at least to the part where they eat bananas and sing at the same time! Promise? They are so cute!

I was going to name this clutch "My 80's"... was finishing the bag, and thinking about MTV when it first came out with mind blowing videos... then THAT song came on the radio. I got up to dance!

I love this fabric, not only does it have skulls in black, brown, white on hot pink, it also has tiny video game print skulls. I dressed up this clutch with a strip of black dot, rickrack, and ruffle. Get it while it's hot- it's one of a kind!

"Cruel Summer" matching coffee cozies......... perhaps we'll drink iced latte's with them and croon "It's a COOL, cool summer...." together. Wear your baggy overalls and bandana ok?


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

Are they really getting arrested, or at least chased, because they ditched work?

HAHAHAHA. Wow. The 80's. I loved them so, though.

lncgreetings said...

that is a really hott coozie (and i don't mean hot pink haha ha ha..hmm.) so anywho, talk about ironies, so i was totally engaging myself in the pictures from your treasury, and lo and behold last night i was at the computer when 332 popped up on the screen! so i finally finally finally got a treasury! i really like the theme- care to check it out?

ps-- how did you get the screen shot of your treasury for your blog? is it possible for me to do the same with mine?? thanks!