Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Wrist Warmers - you choose the color

Here's the latest wrist warmers in my shop. A scaled down version for spring: walking the dog, driving, outdoor stuff, as well as in. Many many people buy them to type at work or home and keep their hands happy. Great for knitting. Sooooo soft and warm and cute!

Black licorice, chocolate, or latte- you choose the color!

Spring Palate! Lilac, Grass, and Denim.... imagine Spring is here, you are wearing your favorite old jeans, and beautiful blouse.... it's warm enough to lay in the grass, gaze up at the budding lilac and take in a new season...... ahhhhh................ Ok, try HARD to imagine it, as you look out your office window and see WINTER still upon us. That's why I've made Spring wrist warmers in these lovely shades......just for you!

I'm selling these in the full 10" length. Cute to fold at the cuff. Keeps your hands warm and happy till those WARM days really do roll around the calendar.

I saw two humming birds at the window today! They were looking longingly at the red window decorations. It's still freezing at night, why are they here?? Is this normal arrival time for Oregon? Should I put our new hummingbird feeder out?

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