Sunday, June 7, 2009

Indie Craft Shows

Me at the June "Meet Your Maker" show, Friday evening, Broadway Winebar, downtown Eugene. I like to create a different display each time, and bring new things along with my classics. I'm debuting my new line of Bliss Bags: the big bags on the stand, totes and lots of little zippy pouches to keep all your goods organized.

It's a fun challenge to make an interesting set up on a 2.5 foot table!

Birthday Bunny gift set made it's first public appearance, and super fun Tooth Fairy pouches. Both are found in my BlissForest store.

A view down the row just after we set up. There's a flurry of activity between 4:30-5pm, then we all settle down. As 5pm work lets off for the week, folks start arriving. 6pm brings the art walk gallery crowd. And throughout the evening many folks are visiting the wine bar and happy to come down and browse our wares. The floor fills up!

There was a little too much browsing and not enough buying on this night, for me, but I always have a great time seeing all my etsy and crafty friends, and getting direct feedback on my products. We show off all our latest inventions and talk craft. My mom and several friends visited- I love that!

I'm posting all my new bags in my AlyTheRed-BlissMonkeyStudio shop this weekend! Enjoy.


Hixon and Co. Photography said...

SQUEEEE! The bags are out!!!! I've been checking your store like whoa lately in hopes to see the bags! And they are here! Yay! I adore them. And you look great! I love the hair. :)

Brandon said...

You had the best spot to set up! I wished you had more sales!
Your bags are grrreat!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Awww thanks, and there's more bags to be posted. STay tuned for the full group of fancy bags, summer totes and fun pouches.