Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Design- Toothfairy Pouch

I'm excited to be holding in my hot little hand, the newly released Tooth Fairy Pouch design. I've been planning this for a year now (one designer = many many many ideas and never "enough" time!) and so happy to have made a batch.

It's a wee tooth fairy pouch to keep those loose treasures safe under the pillow until the tooth fairy comes- perhaps to leave a treasure of her own in thanks. It features my own silkscreen print of possible baby creature teeth that the bag could contain, like baby dragon, or baby polar bear, or giraffe... they all loose their baby teeth..... the idea made me laugh and I had to make it.

It starts with a series of sketches in my design book. I narrow those down to my favorites. I sketch pouch ideas, and settled on the smallest pouch I could make (including lining!) and still get enough of my tooth "choices" on there to be fun.

I finalize the drawing and ink it in with a graphite pen. I put it through the gocco machine which burns the screen for me. I make a frame on the screen out of duct tape and "pull" ink over the screen to make the prints, just like silk screen printers do by hand. When the prototypes are sewn up and look good, I sew a real batch and finish it off with a set of nifty snaps.

Note to parents: some children are unsure about allowing a fairy free access to their bedroom while they are asleep. Smart kids, I say. I offer an alternative ritual that may be even more fun: have the child create a fairy bower in the back yard or at their place setting on the kitchen table. Fairies LOVE a sweet little place to rest, with flowers, nectar offerings, and pretty things. The tooth fairy would love to receive the tooth in the wee pouch, and leave her note, a pretty stone or crystal, and a coin in it's place. The waking child may notice a trail of glitter where the fairy entered the house and where's she's been!

Do you have any fairy traditions to share from your family?


Tonia said...

Love the pouches! Love that Columbine too!

teefahnee said...
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Hixon and Co. Photography said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fairy tradition story! I'll have to adopt that for when Sydney loses her first tooth. :)

Brandon said...

tooth fairy pouch is so cute!!

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Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Yey! Thank you!!!!