Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain Clouds on a Sunny Day

Photo from Cara Weston Photography

I am blue. A sweet, smart friend was found to be stealing from a mutual friend, that I respect and care about. Is this what the economy drives some people to? I'm so shocked and saddened, it's bothered me all day. We can't loose our values just because the economy is bad. There are way too many options.

I believe in an abundant universe.

As an artist/designer, I believe in working hard, using my imagination, having many baskets with several eggs (multiple streams of income), and staying positive.

As a neighbor and a friend, I believe in helping each other, banning together, brainstorming, sharing resources, lending an ear, and gardening up a storm.

As a mother, I believe in enjoying the simple things in life, being present with my kids, being available, laughing, recycling, reusing, volunteering, being curious, learning how to make things, and being silly.

Because it's not all about money.

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Tonia said...

Yikes, that can be such a blow. When peeps we like/love do something (even if not directly to us) that changes the way we think/feel about them to the negative it can be really hard to come to terms with. I am trying to be more compassionate when it comes to people. Hard, very hard at times but I think the world needs more understanding and less anger and distrust. Hugs, t