Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden Goodness

How does your garden grow? How about a view of the flower "room" of our garden, where we enjoy outdoor dinners..... the clematis trellis has encouraged abundant growth! This is a view from the side. It seems like hundreds of huge purple flowers! Love love love them this year.

The butterfly garden is getting larger and fuller now. I'm very proud of all the flowers that grew from seed that are now blooming. Mostly, I find it hard to grow flowers from seed. Many don't make it. I HAD planted alpine strawberries from seed all along the edge of this garden, as a ground cover, and not one grew into a plant.

Of course not all the plants/flowers here were grown from seed! Three curly willows and a butterfly bush were cuttings from my mom's garden, for example. Everything in this bed is aimed for attracting butterflies and honey bees.

The crazy tomato plant that's taller than me already! It's going to be a good year for tomatoes.

View from the back of the garden. The red thermal plastic allows water in, while keeping plants warmer: cantaloupe and peppers.

Toli and Saffron are keeping a close watch on the spiders of the garden.....

This Thai eggplant is sporting a cute hat!

Three foot tall bean vine with purple blossoms. Grow little bean plants, grow! The spring peas are almost done, we are ready for beans! Gardening is just damn exciting. One of the ways being a "grown up" is fun. The kids don't particularly like cooked veges, but love making up their own salad before dinner, with a wander through the garden. Part of their salad is always a fennel burrito (fennel wrapped in some greens). Whew that's a powerful flavor, but the kids love it so much, each has their OWN fennel plant each summer.

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