Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady

There's a rumor going around about us.

That we have a new kitten, that I'm gonna be a crazy cat lady. Are you nuts? Who needs five cats? That would make 20 furry feets padding my floor.... plus a dog and hens!

Kittens are destruction machines, they are needy and bothersome and oh so cute and sweet and tiny and lovable, with soft weedle tummies and cutesy wootsy widdle paws, with hidden razors that climb your clothing to hide in your closet, that pounce on your face in the middle of the night......

Darn! It's true! It's all true! Ok ok, I admit it!

Our rescue kitten is the fifth cat in our family. We named her Poppy. That makes two old cats and two one year old cats and one kitten. She's a wild monkey, with a ton of personality and rather smart. We think she could be 1/2 Maine Coon. Anyone care to enlighten us? It's hard to get a good photo because she's so ACTIVE! Giant ears, LONG leggs, stripes.

Sigh. We wuv her.

She wuvs us, totally. She doesn't love the other cats or the dog yet, but I think she'll fit in just fine. One of our young cats is very playful and wants to wrestle all the time, which the fat, furry cat doesn't care for, so I think Poppy will be his new best friend. Once she stops spitting at him, that is. He has been following her around and thinks she's quite nifty, so friendship will happen.

Sigh. Kittens. Damn their cuteness!


Tonia said...

I love the name Poppy. Very cute kitty. Wow....quite the menagerie!

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I think Poppy is YOUR secret name, actually.