Sunday, July 5, 2009

MYM July

Thanks Tonia, the Meet Your Maker show was fun. We vended outside and inside this time, and I thought it ended up lucky to be INSIDE in airconditioning on such a hot day. We Oregonians aren't used to 90's temps, esp all at once!

My table was right next to Melissa from Butterfly Effect-- her leaf pouches created quite a buzz. Folks are gearing up for the Oregon Country Fair and Faeryworlds festivals!

My new Zodiac bags were a hit, as well as the water bottle carriers with recycled belt straps.

There were new vendors, that I hadn't met yet, and several people who had never sold their things before ever! We chatted them up encouragingly.

OH! And while I was outside, visiting all the booths, I spotted a San Fran friend who was just happening by on a bike tour of the West coast. It was delightful!


Tonia said...

OMG, did you design the fabric? How fun!!! I stayed home and played guitar so I missed the MYM. I am sorry to hear about your back. That sucks. Had class today with Renae. Really nice.

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

No! I didn't design the fabric. Think I'd wouldn't be at your doorstep with it FIRST if I had??!!! I'd be in such trouble..... :-)

Alexandar Henry print, who I love. It took me a year to cut it up into the sections!

Oh yea, clay class with Ray! I am so sorry I can't take it. I would love to play with clay.

Hixon and Co. said...

I'm loving the new stuff! :)