Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cloud busting

I've gotten addicted to cloud photography this spring. It's some funny reaction to watching the sky, all the crazy changing weather, sun and cold dips, nutty HAIL every other day...... When the sun comes out, the kids and I grab our great and dash out for some outdoor action. Not that Oregonians DON"T go outside in the rain. We don't actually melt, but if we are going to choose a time to hike it's nice to at least start during a sun break.

Here is my collection of dragon cloud photos.

See the two dragons chasing a wee sky snake about to be gobbled up on the left? The dragon on the right has a uni-horn, and wings outstretched behind, and a long tail. The dragon on the left is outstretched, going in for the bite.

This is my favorite. A gigantic cloud serpent dragon with it's tongue out!


Anonymous said...

nice pics! I hope your weekend is going well. love ya, tonia

The Caffeinated Crafter said...

I love that second one, too. Reminds me of that game Hungry Hippos.