Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mascotts and Muses

There have been some questionable questions, imaginative inquiries, and mischievous mumblings about my mascots and muses. Therefore, I'll introduce a few to you (if only I could settle on a letter of the day......).

This is Toli, a one year old Chocolate Lab. He's Inspector 86 around here, and does a through job of sniffing up trouble.

Favorite song: "Toli, toli, you're a chocolate guacamole!"
Fav food: found-under-table food.
Fav art: shaped dog biscuits
Fav toy: it's a toss up between Squeeky-bouncie, and DogBedUnderTable
Alias: Sirius Brown, Chocolate Poo (only when he's bad), and Tollhouse, Toblerone

Quote of the day: "No, I have nothing in my mouth. There's nothing to see here, so if I hold perfectly still, I'm sure you'll move along (and let me chew this up in peace)."

Quote of yesterday: "If you don't give me that rawhide chewie right now, I'm gonna start my OWN blog......"

This is Milly. She's been with me for about 6 years now, but only recently employed in the shipping department. Her job is to make sure each order goes out with a card. She also acts as creative consultant on all custom orders.

Favorite song: all 30's tunes, anything to do with the beach
Fav food: dollhouse tea
Fav art: sand castle sculpture, designer doll clothes
Fav toy: Tiny Teddy, and her art quilt sleeping bag
Alias: Beach Babe
Quote of the day: "Life is gorgeous, especially if one simply puts a little effort into their apparel, like wearing a Japanese fabric dress to work."

(I've made everyone in my house their own doll- each get new clothes on Winter Solstice. Please nobody tell her she's "just a doll". ok? )

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syko kajsa said...

If Toli could please come and see the goodies we have under our dining table! We desperately need his help! Milly would be a very good assistant too. IF they ever plan a trip together to Finland, do let me know!