Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eugene Etsy Street Team Does Street FAIRE

Eugene Etsy Street Team's group booth for the University Spring Faire. For those in town: it's Wed-Friday, 10-5pm. We are three from the end, near the EMU.

We set it up like a boutique, so it's very full of lovely and interesting things from magnetic moustaches to purses made of recycled records.

Photos taken just after early morning set up. It's still cloudy and rather cold, but we are having a GREAT time talking shop (finally someone to talk to other than our families who may be 'sick' of hearing "ETSY this...." and "ETSY that...." !!).

We made a pretty nice banner with white pasely fabric and spray stencils. Clear from a distance and artsty/textural up close. I hope people can understand the difference between handmade and import shops. I'm glad to see other etsy sellers at this faire as well! Hi all!

Here's my mini coffee shop. The suitcase with the cups is full of fresh roasted coffee beans. Aromatherapy shopping! I feel so sad when I see the students walking along with their cups in cardboard sleeves, when they could be enjoying the tactile goodness of my fabric coffee cozies. Wish I could just give out samples. Coffee/tea drinking is such a lovely ritual. I'm willing to celebrate well and often.

Thursday update: day two: we got the set up down pat. It's nice to see everyone in the morning, as we work together to set the booth up. We were thrilled to sit in the sweet sunshine for several hours! Got my wish. The weather turned overcast and a bit blowy after I left and I hope our displays stand up to it. Weather is tricky in an open-sided booth!

Shoppers were fun, but sales were sluggish, this morning, but that's what we expect till the lunch crowd. I remember being a student. Waking up before 8am was "such a nightmare". :-) The magnetic moustaches are still the hottest ticket item-go Ashley! And folks seem to be shopping for a cute mother's day gift.



Anonymous said...

Nice looking booth. How late are you guys there? If I get off work early, I may stop by. ---tonia

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Hey, my T-girl! The street faire is 10-5 Wed, Thurs, and Friday. I'm there to set up each morning, and pick up. I'd love to be there all day, but it's a little complicated with still sick kiddos. Love it if you got to visit, even if I'm not there! xoxoxoxoxo

The Caffeinated Crafter said...

OOoohhhhh!!! This looks fab!! I wish I was there!!