Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surprise Thursday!!!

I've just sent the kids off to school, telling them it's Surprise Thursday. They didn't ask what the surprise was, because I was being vague, and they jumped in with their own idea that there was surpriseS already happening, and started counting every unexpected thing that occurred this morning.

I've actually managed to keep a secret - a HUGE secret since Sunday. It was very hard to keep.
I'm going to spill to you, but first let's look at my fantasy thought bubble. I have photos to illustrate. Keep in mind this is not MY puppy but looks just like him, and we don't have any kittens, but two older cats....REady? here goes the fantasy............

Isn't that great???? First they play all cute, then they snuggle up and sleep together on the couch. Ok ok, it's a scary colored couch. Don't worry, ours is purple! But you see the fantasy story. Now here's the surprise. After school, we are picking up Mackie and going on "an errand". We'll end up at the Dog and Cat rescue location inside PetSmart and be taking two kittens home! The grown ups have already chosen one amazing kitten and our fantasy was to have a fuzzy orange buddy for him. Low and behold, they have a litter of fuzzie oranges ready on Thursday, so we waited. Didn't tell the kids. Sooooo exciting!!!!

I realized how long it's been since I've had a kitten! I was 19, early in college,
when my Zoey came along. I was at Saturday Market playing with the last member of a litter of "free kittens" when the woman literally snuck away! I took it as a sign for me and the kitty to be together. Zoey was actually too small to leave on her own, so I carried her inside my jacket to my college classes for the first two weeks. She didn't pee on me even once. It was very sweet and bonding. I could tell she'd had a rough start, and that regrounded her. She and I had an amazing 18 years together. She died two years + ago, and I still miss her. Now I'm ready for kittens again.

The concerns: we have two older cats who are 13. And we have our chocolate lab puppy aged 1.3. I HOPE he loves the kittens and they all play together. He wants to play with the older cats but they aren't so happy about that. We''ve had a year of hissing and scared kitties. They are finally starting to ignore him and not run away!

If anyone has great tips about introducing puppies and kitties, please comment!!!


I'm off to the studio now. I always sew in the mornings. I'm making tiny zippy bags, I'm calling Bitty Ditties. They are so handy inside one's purse for organizing: change purse, moon time supplies, keeping all punch cards out of your wallet, etc, AND they are very nicely padded, thus a great place to keep your tiny camera, pad your phone, or roll up your iPod Shuffle and headphone cords. Cute tiny 5" pouches. The challenge is that my cute fuzzy padding has been lumpy and hard to control. Very imperfect. The first three have gone as children's presents. :-)


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet to have a special Surprise Thursday. I remember coming home one day from school to a surprise-my mom had gone and adopted a puppy from the ASPCA. It was so amazing.

Thanks so much for sharing your Casper story on my blog. I *LOVED* it!

Candice Westberg said...

I enjoyed reading through a bit of your blog. I always love surfing other's minds! It was nice to meet you at the last meeting although we'll have to chat more next time! What a crowd there was last week!


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

This entry is so full of goodness I can barely contain myself!

Mtnhighmama said...

You know what would really compliment a cute pile of puppy and pussy? a wabbit....

You're turning into a regular barnyard without the actual barn. I can't wait to see the itty bitties.

Brandon said...

So how did it go? I bet Finn and Quilly loved the Kittens!

I think a bunnie and a goat and it would complete your family.


Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...


(sobering up quickly)



Mtnhighmama said...

and how about a baby?

Am I being premature in asking for pictures? And an update?

Some of us live vicariously through your blog.

Mtnhighmama said...

CAn you fit an itty bitty in a bitty ditty?

Please excuse the stalking...