Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weekend Update with Aly

Greetings on Memorial Day, everyone!
This is the weekend update with Aly.

News from Bliss Monkey Studio:
I'm happy to report I've sold my first Bliss Bag. It's the Squirrel Tree purse from vintage slack weight wool. I'm busily making more with their custom appliques. I like giving the world unique bags for unique people.

On the left is the Coffee Cozy: "Caffeinated Kitties Do Yoga". Laughter is good for your health, remember.....

The Grrlz Update: Poor Star hen is very lonely this week. Lacey has taken to the nest for the second time this spring. She's busily sitting on Stars eggs, trying to hatch them. Urban Chicken lesson #7: Hens do not need a rooster in order to lay eggs, but they do need a rooster if we are going to have fertilized eggs that can hatch into chicks....... So Lacey sits in vain on Star's eggs, and doesn't lay any of her own. Star spends her days alone and missing the companionship of her best friend. We let Star out, urge Lacey off the nest, and out to catch some bugs, and we take the egg inside each day. Lacey will walk around the yard for a brief time, and she's all puffed up, looking more like a turkey than a hen, then her inner egg timer goes off and she rushes back to the nest. She'll be back to normal in a few weeks.

Tip of the Week: Do not do yard work in Crocks. I happen to have a dark red pair - very silly looking - very comfortable. I usually wear them a house slippers, but being so comfortable, I forget to put "real" shoes on when I go out sometimes. I was engaged in some yard work along the fence line and put a thorn stick through my shoe, right into my heel bone. Ouch! That was two days ago, and my heel is still swollen up like 1/2 a walnut, and I'm talking on my toes. I don't recommend yard work in Crocks.

I really appreciate being in the treasuries, thanks so much!!!!

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Kelcie said...

I love the newest cozy- I feel like it was meant for me. (Soft spot for dancing cats much.)

I just wanted to let you know that my shop finally opened (a month late, but regardless.) You can see it at

Thanks for showing an interest, it was really encouraging! :)