Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What is Blooming

The sweetly blooming rhododendron out front. When we first bought the house in the fall, we didn't know what plants, bulbs and such would come up till that following spring. We all took bets on what color the rhody would be. "Please not pink, please not pink...." was in my head. Finally, after all the other rhodies were in full bloom up and down the block, ours put out two pathetic little purple blooms. Well she's not pink, but she's not happy either, we said.

I went about learning what I could, given all the other things that needed doing, about how to care for rhodies. I pruned her at the right time, added fresh healthy soil, and this spring, she's making small, but plentiful blooms all over. So pretty, it's like magic. Maybe next year, she'll be looking like that hot red rhody across the street with blooms bigger than my head.

These are the Charmed Coffee Cozies I designed for the upcoming Lark book, "Pretty Little Cozies". The project is about making coffee cozies (of course) but using favorite charms (you know the cute little prints in your stash, that are too cute to cut up? So they just sit and sit. Let's use em folks!), along with some of the pretty stitches your machine can make (but you rarely use?).

Side view

I'm warming to the idea of making more, special, one of a kind cozies.


Brandon said...

Cute new cozy cuffS!
Glad its a sunny day and your all felling better.

Hey if you get a chance to check out my 1st page of favorites on my etsy sight I'd love to show you the lovely finds!


mosey handmade said...

aly theee red.
i loved my extra treat of a coffee cup cozy. every time i use it i feel so cozied! seriously. and how did you know orange was one of my most fave colors.
thanks aly!!!!

~sjts said...

Those are really cool!!