Saturday, September 13, 2008

Celebrating Eugene! Part One

Welcome to the Eugene Celebration! For those of you who don't live here, our hippy, liberal, inclusive, gay/lesbian-positive, kid-centered, peacenick town celebration, where our congressman finishes up the parade, on foot, pretending to shovel slug slime, may come as a bit of a cultural shock.... enjoy.

Come ride the peace train!

Here are some friends! Hi!!!!
(The parade theme this year was "I Dream of Eugenie". Get it? The town of Eugene? So that's why everyone is dressed as a genie, even on the peace train.)

The peacetrain was really long, and beautiful, but I've only included a few of it's segments for your viewing pleasure....

The peace dove brought up the end of the train. Better than a caboose any day.

What are those costumed ladies DOING to those dressed up feet? It's the local foot massage clinic of course! They are using their magic wands on the unhappy reflexology chart feet! Then the feet smile and dance all around.

And now to break up the peace........

The Emerald City Roller Girls!!! In the last few years, roller derby has become HOT hot HOT on the west coast. We have the Emerald City Roller Girlz who are a great deal of fun, do teen girl summer camps, and all sorts of off-rink events. I plan to attend the derby next weekend and report back, just for you......
These girls will make you laugh and take you DOWN!!!!! check out those mamas rollering with their babies.

Stay tuned for Eugene Celebration Parade part two.......

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