Friday, September 12, 2008

What's the Scoop??

This is the scoop! Our new kitten.

We had to trade Sage in. He would not stop peeing in the house. We talked to the experts, took him to the vet, did all they suggested, and in the Cat Rescue people agreed, he needed a different home. He didn't bond with any of us, and didn't like the kids! I've never heard of a kitten who didn't like us.... but I've never had a Siamese before.

We were looking to replace him with another older kitten, but none were suitable. Mudslide Sydney, here, found this wee orange guy and we were all smitten. He was only six weeks old (pictured here) and spent much of his first week sleeping on the bed. He loves the kids and sleeps with them too.

We named him Lil Scoop, because he reminds us of a little scoop of sherbet ice cream. He's so pale and cute. Still has blue eyes, but gold in the centers. Will they turn gold or brown, do you think?

Scoopie is now 8 weeks old and quite the spunky fellow! He races around with Saffron though he's not even as long as Saffron's TAIL!!! Pounces and wrestles happily. He is getting to know the puppy and doing so well with everything! We adore him. Soon, he'll be big enough to be a proper playmate for Saffron.

My very handsome boy, Saffron! He's five months old now, and large for his age. Gonna be a big guy. Isn't he handsome? He's so sweet too. I've never had an orange guy, or picked my own kittens for that matter. Always taken in a stray.... and now I highly favor these sweet natured orange guys. Good thing 'cause we now have two!

Very naughty Girlz! If I leave the back door open, while they are having their daily walk about, Star leads Lacey right inside! Penny is the newest hen, and still rather shy. She's hanging back, keeping an eye on the big Girlz, while they greedily gobble down the puppy's food. Sheesh, Girlz. Go OUTside!

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