Thursday, September 11, 2008

Street Faires Comin Up!

"Interplanet Janet" get your wrist warmers here! Why am I getting Interplanet Janet and Lottie Lottie Lottie get your adverbs here, mixed up? What's the tune to Interplanet Janet? If you think I'm insane then you aren't old enough to have seen Schoolhouse Rock and have your brain permanently plagued like mine is. Saaaaaay...... let's YouTube Interplanet Janet and listen together! REady? Go here and check out the groovyness. We used to get these Schoolhouse Rock cartoons between our Sat morning favorites. Isn't that FUN?! She rocks!

Anyhoo, these wrist warmers are called "Interplanet Janet" and are fresh off the Bliss Monkey Presses available in my etsy store.

For you locals, here is Aly The Red's upcoming street faire schedule:

Meet Your Maker (exciting new location)
Oct 3
Kesey Plaza downtown -- as part of the First Friday Gallery Walk

I love this monthly event: a gathering of quality, hip designers, selling our wares for one evening a month. Being right downtown as part of the First Friday Gallery walk will be lovely. Bring your friends and support your indie artists/crafters/hip mamas!

University of Oregon Fall STreet Faire Oct 8, 9, 10th Etsy team booth #116 13th Street

Our Eugene Etsy Street Team did this group show last spring and had a blast. Not only did we have a GREAT looking booth, jam packed with variety and color, we also had a lot of fun, got to know eachother better, WHILE making money. I'm hoping Bullfight is gonna bust out her magnetic moustaches to drag the crowds over again! Bring your friends down and say hi!

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Tonia said...

How funny! I was looking up Conjunction Junction and I'm Just a Bill the other day! (While at work.) Do you remember H.R.Puffenstuff? Witchypoo? Sigmund the SeaMonster and Land of the Lost? Gosh, I love youtube. I had forgotten about Interplanet Janet till now. Thanks! Love the arm warmers! --tonia