Friday, September 5, 2008

Studio Treats

Here's some photos of the new porch set up right outside my studio. It's set up for fall and about to get a clear porch roof so we can have an outdoor room. In Oregon, as you may know, it rains. And I'm looking forward to having covered outdoor space we can sit hang out comfortably. I picture wearing a sweater, some wrist cozies on a drizzly day and taking a hot cup of tea outside for a little fresh air and light, and a good sit in my cozy red chair. Those chairs rock. I mean that literally and figuratively!

The open door there is my studio. I have some requests to see my studio (SAttack that's you baby) and well, it's messy. I know that doesn't shock anyone, but I'm mostly a little neater than that. Perhaps you all should poke me some more about it and I can post "now" photos and "cleaned up" photos later. What the hey!

Studio windows and new dining area.....I took these photos just this morning and love how Saffron raced across the image as I snapped.

Other view of the porch. Does a porch become a "patio" once it's covered?? While the kids were off at their dad's, I moved the grill and set up these shelves for a fun fall/winter place space. They love to return and see all the things I've been up to, esp if it involves a surprise for them. Chalk, cars, rescue heroes.... oh yea... bring on the autumn!

Ok, I was walking the doggie and came across this totally vintage goods yardsale!!! OMG. Don't pee your pants at home now. I picked up these two dearies. The vintage red print is like crazy little Dr Seuss whispies! And the red fabric parts are the pockets! The blue apron has a fun hem. I should model them for you. Oh dang! If you click the photo, it opens up big and you can really SEE! So cute.

Tonia, you should pop over Sat morning. It's by my house but on the street before mine. Grant? Right off 18th. I wanted to buy you an apron but didn't see just the perfect one.

Fun musical vege table cloth, black fabric with yellow flowers in a pail (tiny) and three vintage prints. What should I do with these fabrics??


Tonia said...

I was slow in checking your blog today. I'm glad you got some good stuff though! I am going to Coburg sale tomorrow. It opens at 8 and I am fixin' to be there when it does. Got some good stuff last year for decent prices. I love your patio!

Schrack Attack said...

Cute porch. We have those same chairs! I love them too but barely use them because it is either hot or pouring buckets. Can't wait to see your clear roof. More Studio photos! (please) Every studio should have a bit of a mess. I prefer to think that is a sign of passion.