Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Art Journal Pages

This is the pretty art journal I bought at ArtFest 2011. The handmade style, thick watercolor paper, colors, and stitched leather butterfly spoke to me. I like the small scale for painting experiements, storing favorite color palettes, and small journal entries/thoughts.

Page one lay out. Collage, then layered, washy acrylic paint, stamps, stencils, pencil, sharpie handwriting.

My Wicked ticket embeded in a layer of matte medium. Paints, etc....

The Sun and Moon layout, with a cut page, reveling the moon's sky page.

Cut out shows the colors from the sun page.

Ooooo, lots of blank pages yet.....


Heather said...

Pretty journal pages! The "happiness" one is my favorite!

Amanda said...

Love it! Been wanting to do an art journal but not sure how to start. I feel at times that I am "too practical," too obsessed with perfection, realistic replication, and symmetry to really put it to good use. Thanks for sharing though :).

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Thank you Heather.

Amanda, I'm glad you left your comment. I'm very new to art journaling myself and was very hesitant. Why spend all that time on something that gets shut in a book? I already keep a diary and sketch books -- I don't have TIME for art journals--what else do I need to express in this format? But after seeing all the amazing art journaling happening at ArtFest, I just had to dive in.

Art journal is a place to play, make art, experiment, express ourselves, write feelings, try out inspiring exercises, and not worry about who sees it, unless we DECIDE to share.

Amanda, your feelings about getting started are very common. I understand. I'm excited to share what I'm learning about how to get started, and how to let go when I'm making art to reveal my subconscious (the sun and moon paintings are NOT an example of that!), and all the inspiring resources I'm finding online. Stay tuned.