Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Timbers Army

Three Portland Timbers fans. Did you know that Oregonians adore their Timbers pro soccer team? The stadium sells out for every game. And they have a special fan section called the Timbers Army- they are the loudest, best-est, flag-waven-est fan group around.

Kidsports gave us a great deal on tickets to bring up some of our 8 year old's soccer team. They actually got the honor of walking the players onto the field! They were so excited, they could barely sleep the night before.

Here is Quillan walking his player out amidst screaming fans. We were so proud of him. He was thrilled.

The yellow team is from Ohio. Some of their fans flew out for the game and were sitting near us. Amazing!

They were given these gorgeous Timbers jerseys, and stood with the players for the national anthem. What an experience. Thank you Kidsports!

The Timbers won 1-0. For each goal made, the lumber jack mascot cut a round from the giant tree they keep there, and I believe it's given to the mvp of the game. Right?


melissa said...

they all look so cute out there!! thanks for sharing Alysee!! and thanks KidsSports :)

Anonymous said...

so exciting.... my son Harry would have flipped for that.... cute boys

michelle allen said...

so super cool!!! go Timbers!