Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Grows?

It was too rainy to capture images for What's Growing Wednesday, so this us, um... "Throw Seeds Thursday"? "Threatening Clouds Thursday?" or ......

And interestingly, all the images I chose are pink. Other colors are growing in the yard, but it must be that I need PINK today.

The four-way apple tree is doing well. I go talk to her every day. Last year one died, and I want this one to grow happily.

My bag of dark purple bulbs produced one pinkie!

This is my garden of..... sticks.....and baby bak choi.... um, to keep the kitties out.

This is our newest garden feature, the water scare crow, and it works much better than sticks. It's got a motion sensor and any kitties entering the garden to dig in raised beds, are ushered out 24/7.

I've got to admit that as much as we love our kitties, we do NOT love them digging in the garden, and when we hear this high powered sprinkler go on, we all rush to the window to see who got wet. Yesterday, with all the wind and rain, it was 15 false alarms, then bang! There was a horrified kitty climbing the fence in a hurry. Neighbor cat nicely escorted off the premises.

I love these! Right outside my studio door. Blooms escaped from the pots of fairy flowers my eight year old planted last spring. Now they are growing wild in the rubble of the unfinished pathway.

Looks like I found the right combo of fertilizer and trimming. Our one rhody is all dressed up in her finery this season!

My black bamboo. It was a fancy indulgence and not yet black. I think the canes turn black as it ages. I learned that each spring, the shoots are sent up, they grow to full height, the send out leaves. If they don't have enough food, they grow less, and stay at the height they grow that season, never to get taller in the following years. Not like trees at all. This one has one shoot that grows several inches a day! Bamboo fascinates me.

The end.


jasperandblue said...

Yay you're back... beautiful photos... especially the pink one i your hand . It's perfect.

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Careful, that flower will hypnotize you! :-)