Thursday, May 12, 2011

Super Power Journal- Teesha Style!

This is my Power journal. I stitched the 16 page journal myself out of one sheet of water color paper that I cut to 8x10" size following the wonderful videos of Teesha Moore.

This is very much in her style. Her youTube videos are a fantastic resource for those of us wanting to know how to get started, and what materials to use.

I made the journal, painted the pages, collaged and just started to decorate it, before I found out that it was going to be all about super powers and super heroes.

I indulged in a set of Golden Liquid Acrylics, and am glad that I did. Gorgeous, highly pigmented colors that can be washed like water color or used straight from the bottle creating opaque acrylic coverage. LOVE them! What else? Paint pens, water color crayons, sharpie marker,

These are the pages I have done so far, and will post the others as they are finished.

At ArtFest, I was amazed at some of the personal journals people were sharing. I learned that when you are viewing someone's personal art journal, you are invited to LOOK at the art, the layout, the colors, the materials used, the ideas, BUT your aren't supposed to be READING their personal journal entries. And if you do, don't judge or ask them about it.

That leap of faith, the trust and sharing involved touched my heart.

Or course, I'm posting these online, so you are welcome to read them if you like.

I have to say more about Teesha Moore's work. Her blog is a massive source of inspiration, and she's freely shared her techniques on you tube with everyone. I appreciate the information about specific materials, but also about relaxing, listening to music, working intuitively -- using art journaling as a meditation. She isn't analyzing her lay outs or what people will think when they see the page, she's off in her happy world, wearing head phones, tearing out colors and images that appeal to her, and pushing paint and collage around on the page until they feel right. So freeing! Thank you Teesha.

I have a question. Does anyone seal their pages when they are done? What do you use? The magazine images and water colors could be damaged if I don't put something over them.


Anonymous said...

I love the colours of your journal pages... they are really cool... I'm sort of starting with some pages right now....
we did see some amazing journals

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I hope you share your pages, too! I'm sharing mine because they are so much FUN to make, and this is a new toy for me. :-)