Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monster Mitt -itis and Letterboxing

After almost a week out of the studio, I'm so happy to be sewing, creating, designing, and posting new fun things for my etsy shop. A sold monster mitt, plus a special mitt order has got me in a monster mitt sewing frenzy. (Just so you know, that means fun, not stress!) I've got a few posted, and a few to finish, like Loch Ness Monster mitts. I am currently in love with Nessy themed things, so watch out for my upcoming gocco print Nessy coffee cozies.

I am really happy with the wrist warmer pattern I developed while driving courier in the wee early hours of the morning. The wrist warmers were essential for my hand happiness, and left my finger tips free to grip the steering wheel, write, etc. They are carefully designed and trimmed inside to be most comfortable, with a good and flexible fit.

Yesterday, after school, the kids came into the studio to design their own monster mitts. Mudslide made some dino mitts, in orange and yellow. Long Legs made a set in red and black, so fine, he didn't even take them off for bed! They trundled off to school wearing their new monster mitts, and I look forward to hearing the report when I pick them up. It's sunny and lovely and we'll be on a Letterboxing quest! Letterboxing, is so much fun. You get to go on a walk/hike, follow clues, find a secret hidden box, and collect the ART you find there, via stamping the hand cut stamp into your book. Click the link to see how to get started, and to look for letterboxes in your area. If I've managed to turn you on to letterboxing, please write and tell me. xoxoxoxoxo


able mabel said...

I love them! My boys would be thrilled to own a pair! you feel like I'm following you? The last few blogs I've commented on, you also have! Coincidence, I promise! ;)

Christopher And Tia said...

oh those are cah-yute! I bet they got rave reviews at school.

xx Tia

Anonymous said...


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

I just love these two boys. They are so beautiful.

Christine said...

I love the wrist warmers. We've been using socks tops to keep wrists warm during snow play. Cozy polar is so much cuter!

Brandon said...

These are just the most cutest mitts I've ever seen. Oh the Models are totally cute also.