Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eugene ETSY Street Team hits the streets!

Ooo, that sounds so..... gritty...... ok ok, we didn't actually HIT the streets, but we did a three day street faire at the UofO.

This is our second co-op booth this year. We learned so much last time, it was rather easy to put together this time around. We had one money system, and work shifts. We rearranged the booth each morning, which was fun. And we did very well.
Wanna see some photos?

One side of the booth.... wish you could see our groovy sign. I waited till it wasn't busy to take photos and didn't get one of our "Eugene etsy steet team" and "buy local, buy handmade" signs!

Customers filling out the propay. Does anyone else use propay? I highly recommend it for taking credit cards at a show like this. If you have an ETSY shop, let them know when you sign up and you get a lower price!

Full booth shot. That's me being silly in the green coat. It was COLD in the mornings!!!!!! It was lovely and sunny two of the three days. It's hard to tell from this shot, but we set up the booth to be an inviting walk through "U" shape, with lots of eye candy out front.

ThingsNStuff's really cute, and popular, upcycled wool hoodies.

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