Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hush-Hush Eye To Eye

Here's a story: I'm driving along a major street, in a long line of cars, and gently swerve to avoid a chunk of 2x4 in the road. Another chunk to drive around. Another. At the stop light, I glance at myself in the mirror and notice the woman behind me totally looking at me. I mean really looking. I smile. She just holds the eye contact with a relaxed look on her face, but doesn't smile back. I wonder. She keeps looking right into my eyes through the mirror. She's handsome and has an air of great self confidence. I don't know her, why is she staring? Maybe she's been reading all our car's bumper stickers like "Give Blood- Play Rugby" and such.

Green light. We drive on. More boards in the road and I can feel my brow fret as I spot big nails sticking out of the boards. Who lost all this crap on the road without noticing, anyway? I drop back from the car in front of me, so I have more viewing space of the road. All the cars ahead are gently swerving back and forth..... more debris. I glance in the mirror to check out how the woman behind me is doing. She's smiling! She's got a huge smile in fact! She's enjoying the obstacle course.

Ok. That inspires me to smile too. I turn up the radio and sing as I carefully swerve. Another red light, again, she purposefully smiles at me this time. I smile back, feeling a bit shy.

I crest a hill and look down.....the cars driving around boards look sort of poetic. A vehicular ballet. I'm singing "Too shy-de-shy, hush hush, eye to eye....." Do you know that 80's tune? I haven't heard it in so long, it's cracking me up to sing it. Rather non-sensical lyrics..."moving in circles once you dilate- try a little hard-er". I sing louder. The woman behind me is still smiling and watching the road. She's in her own little world. Now I see she's singing too. And she's singing what I'm singing! It freaks me out in a bad way just for a millisecond, till I realize: oh same radio station -- not some absurd twist of fate event about to unfold and later be made into a movie. Just the radio.

At the third stop light I make my move. I wait till she pulls to a stop behind me, THEN I start waving at her, smiling, and clearly singing, "Toooo SHY DE SHY!!" into the mirror, and bopping in my seat. She sees my moves and busts up laughing. She's greatly amused, as am I.

Fun with strangers has gained a whole new play level.


Tonia said...

Your story is so funny, I kept thinking where is this going? Fun with strangers indeed! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Have you had Karen's doughnuts? OMG! Chai Pistachio all the way. I forgot to say they are at Saturday Market also. We should get together soon! Love, T

Jenger said...

OMG, that is too great. It is a good thing you are in Eugene instead of some hillbilly city like where I was stuck for 10 yrs. Your story just reminds me of the grooviness of that area.

Oh, and I love that song also. I could not even tell you what the lyrics where though. I just always bee-bop to those great 80s tunes.