Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday

We were having such a lovely Sunday, with blueberry pancakes, Mudslide Sydney's last soccer game of the season and trophy party, getting picked for this lovely chocolate treasury, selling my new zombie cozy three minutes after it was posted (personal record), and some much deserved free time, when a pitbull at the dog park got ahold of our labrador and tried removing his ears. After hours at the emergency vet, and some stitches and staples, his ears are still bleeding and he's home trying to navigate with a two foot wide funnel on his neck. We are really unhappy about the incident, but glad it wasn't worse. Poor pup. I won't be posting a photo of him today. Too sad. But he'll heal up fine.


Tonia said...

OOOOhhh noooo!!!! Poor Tolly! I am so sorry for the puppers. Ohhhh. That makes me so mad. Love you guys, T

Schrack Attack said...

congrats! that is great news... the etsy part. Poor lil pup! hope he is feeling better.