Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get Yer Gnomes Here - Eugene Etsy STreet Team

Hee hee hee! I just love gnomes. And I've finally gotten ahold of some lovely gnome fabric with this little guy. I added blueberry fabric, and stitched animal tracks. My personal favorite for fall.

I'm selling coffee cozies and wrist warmers at the University of Oregon Fall Street Faire this week. I got a 20 by 10 foot booth space this year for our Eugene Etsy Street Team. Our booth is so much FUN, come down and visit!!! We are located closer to the bookstore end of the street this time. We have Bullfight's awesome upcycled tshirt UNDIES, Practical Rabbit's popular screened shirts, ThingsNStuff's amazing one of a kind wool hoodies with gorgeous needle felted designs, and lined with recycled linnen. And more!!!

Sales were great yesterday. Slower today because the rain blew in. Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely, and sunny, so come on down! Lots of yummy food booths too. (Sorry, but I'm so glad not to be next to the kettle corn booth this time...... too many smells!).


Tonia said...

dang, I forgot about it today. I probably won't get by tomorrow either. I hope it goes well and the weather is good. **tonia

Jenger said...

Rock On!!! I so luv meself some gnomes also. There is also a Gnome Liberation League in Europe. I stumbled across it when I was researching the history and lore of those great lil guys that I love to have all over my house and even my desk.

Brandon said...

Love that Gnome!