Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun with Hair

While it's not exactly a project one does with hair, as in felting, it's having fun directly on one's head. Very important sort of thing to do as we engage in all these serious political and economic issues. Important to lighten up and play a little.

I had my hair retextured and dyed!!! Went back to the hairdresser who gave me the sweet curly haircut in the first place, and they were having a two for one deal! Sure! We went for a very DARK red, just for fun, with fall setting in, it seemed like a fun color. It should rinse out in two months, so low maintenance.

Feels like rock star hair! I haven't changed my natural red hair color since being pregnant with Finn.



Tiffany said...

Me loves it!! :)

Miss you!

Tonia said...


Mtnhighmama said...

It's very ROCKSTAR. now that I'm over the initial shock anyway.

I think it looks great!

Schrack Attack said...

LOVE the cut and color. very spunky.