Friday, March 14, 2008

Craft photography

I love making my art and crafts, I love selling them, and I love the photography. It's challenging to simply show the product, when I want to be artistic and play. I usually start with a few clear shots of the product. Nice and close. Show front and back. THEN I get to make a little set for the product.

My "set" space is a window shelf in the studio. I lay out fabric and background. If you look closely in some of shots, you can see handmade paper that was created by my grandmother twenty years ago. It's textural and beautiful. I can use it under the product, or to defuse light against the window.

I love to photograph my coffee cozies outside in the backyard. I feature whatevers blooming, the holly tree, the herb bed, the grass, and for "rough pirate cuffs" I stick them right on the weathered wood of the fence. And I swear my cuffs sell better when the photo was taken on a sunny day. Feel sorry for me- remember, I live in Oregon!

Here's two spankin' new items about to go into my etsy shop. I'm enjoying some steampunk action, with background sets, old coins, treasure chest, leather glove, and pelican bones (that are about 50 years old).

The top photo is another of my new key chain cozies to keep your coffee shop punch cards, coins, and coffee cozy. But instead of taking a clear shot, this is my play photo. You won't see these "artsy" shots as the first product photo on it's etsy page, but I hope they are interesting enough for people to click on for further views.

Cheers, me mates!


Adopt-a-Critter said...

I totally cannot wait to get mine. :)

Adopt-a-Critter said...

OH. And I almost forgot. I am going to sew my sleep mask today (shortly, in fact). I got some neat material for it. AND. When I post about that in my blog, I'm going to do the "tag" thing, too. ;)

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Great coin purse and cosy. I made an apron out of that fabric. :o)