Thursday, March 27, 2008

So have you guessed?

Where were we? Did we take our family dream trip to Thailand? India or Africa perhaps? No, but the Oregon Wildlife Safari was just the thing for the first day of Spring Break. It was a beautiful drive south, and we were lucky not to get rained on. Alice the Elephant was such a sweetie to walk us around, then stop and pose. While her trunk was up in the air for the big smile, I noticed her giving us a good sniff!! Who's up there? Smells like two nice kids and a happy mama. It's just plain magic to hang out with an elephant. There was only a blanket between us and her, up on her back, and the rail to hold onto. We could pet her as we walked and feel her muscles working. If you have never rode an elephant before, I advise setting out to make some new elephant friends, and ask for a ride. They are amazing and dear. (And always be thankful-I was probably the only person to thank Alice as we got off).

A close encounter with an Emu. Now please say it right: ee- mew. Not e-moo. My kids are half Australian and take their Aussie animals reverently. This emu took a liking to us. Perhaps it was the blueberry bagels being nibbled by LongLegs McCormack here? It reached right inside the car and we had to fight for the bagel's very life! He had a BIG red eye to peer at us with, and was eager to clack his beak on my hand a few times, trying to train me to feed him, the rascal.

American Bison giving herself a good hoof mud spa treatment. I snapped this shot at the beginning of a nice afternoon yawn.

Yack-a-ty-yack, and don't come back! Actually do, we will enchant you with our long, swinging woolen skirts. You crafty people will entertain fantasies of following us about all day, collecting tufts of our fur to spin exotic yak wool.

These fellas in the back were doing a long-skirted dance together, and butting horns with a resounding "CLACK!!! .... Clack!..." all in slow motion.

Near the end of the drive through, we caught site of Alice the Elephant and her friend walking back to their roaming space together. Alice was holding her friend's tail. Why won't my dog let me hold his tail as we walk? It's so sweet.

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The Caffeinated Crafter said...

The dude in the second picture looks like he's singing! Haha!