Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What is a coffee COZY?

What is a COFFEE COZY and why do I use one? I also like to call them coffee cuffs. First off, let's save a little tree by passing by that cardboard cuff in the coffee shop.

But you want your hands to be comfortable over that blazing cup? Picky picky picky! Just kidding. Of course you do. We all do. Nothing is more comfortable than a handmade fabric (or yarn) coffee cozy. They insulate your hands from hot or cold beverages. Once you use one, you'll be hooked.

The third reason is, well, they are dang cute!!! Nothing is more stylin' than a handmade, decorated cozy, featuring your favorite stuffed monkey, hobby, your cat, favorite color, pirate fantasies, or a holiday cozy. Sitting at the table with your friends? You will NEVER ever loose track of your cup again.

Ok, so it's cool to save a tree, have happy hands, be stylin', and always be able to find which cup is mine, but where do I keep my coffee cuff? In your purse, your desk, your glove box, your backpack front pocket, or your keychain cozy keeper. See article below and my etsy shop for more details.

Why do I make and sell coffee cuffs?
I've been making and selling coffee cozies for a year and a half now, and I adore making them! I'm an art quilter, so there's that tactile process of choosing, and layering the fabric, quilting and texturizing and finishing with a fun zigzag, that I love. And each one is a little piece of art, that I name and ship out into the world. Fine art is wonderful, but I also have a deep love for functional art. An object that we use in our everyday life, that can be both beautiful, and helps preserve the environment is something to treasure. My coffee cuffs also fit same sized travel mugs.