Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of Spring and a celebration of where we've been

Happy official first day of Spring!!! It's very clearly Spring here in Western Oregon, but up at Willamette Pass, it's still Winter. I visited the mountains recently, with my family, and saw the biggest snowfall we've had in years. It was an amazing white crystal world, powder soft and ready for our first time on skis. This is my ski bunny self portrait. Sorry you can't see the ears. Actually, I do happen to be wearing a warm, custom elf hoodie from ThingsNStuff that's green wool on the outside, lined with fleece, with a wee orange elephant needle felted on the outside. (I'll get a photo up about that) Really fun to have custom snow gear!!

The kids did great on their first ski adventure. The powder was not slippery, and our skis slid along the groomed trail. Five year old Mud Slide Sydney was in front of the group, going along excitedly pointing nature out to me. He'd fall down, and pop right back up. His seven year old brother, Long legs McCormack, seemed to fight his skis a little more. Due to the long skis, I couldn't do much to help them back up! I did fine, and had a GREAT time, but endured one good fall. I slipped off the trail and fell into a tree well. Have you been in the deep snow like that? Imagine me upside down in deep powder, butt first into the hollow, skis kicking and polls all tangled..... my five year old was standing there watching with great concern. He finally says, "Mommy, I just don't know HOW to help you." So true, Darling, now stand back while mommy gracefully walruses her way out....... I thrashed my way out eventually, with my backside packed with snow.

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The Caffeinated Crafter said...

It cracks me up that you're taking your camera with you while you ski. You blogger!