Monday, March 17, 2008

Introductions: Girlz and Boys

Etsy customers ask about The Girlz so much, I promised to include them in the Bliss Monkey Studio Blog. After all, they are a big part of studio life.

Top photo: Mr. Long-Legs-MacCormack (aka Son #1) holding Star. Star is our star egg layer. She can lay big, white double yolk eggs, and often makes "extra extra large" which are impossible to close in the egg carton. She is tall, cute, and always squints one eye shut when you pick her up.

Second photo: Sir Mudslide Sydney (aka Son #2), holding Lacey. She's the Siamese of hens, always making noise, loudly announcing each morning's egg, and responding to anything we say to her. She lays demure brown eggs, which sometimes have freckles and sometimes are solid brown. She is very sweet and has the softest feathers.

The Girlz roost in their little yellow hen house, decorated with art, and enjoy their chicken run. Afternoons will find them pacing at the door, impatiently waiting for their yard time. They enjoy such endeavors as: dirt bath in the GOOD DIRT up against the back of the studio, sneaking into the fenced herb garden and quietly scratching up the tender budding things trying to grow, tapping at the sliding glass door until someone comes out to give them Chicken Crack (cracked corn and wheat= highly addictive stuff), and comically running to us when we call. Stay tuned for The Girlz updates and a future art contest.


DivaDea said...

Aw, how sweet! Those photos, especially the top one, would make great art. They should be postcards or turned into paintings or something. Nice!

The Caffeinated Crafter said...

OH!! SO MUCH FUN! You're girlz and boyz are the cutest!! (And you know I love the name Sydney.) ;)

I want a chicken... *pouts* Maybe I'll adopt-a-chicken at some farm nearby. :)

mosey handmade said...

aly- we are getting chickens this year- i'll have to bug you all about them!
two sounds like a good number. how did you decide on type of hen?

Billie said...

I love your chooks (chickens) they are adorable. I would love to keep some but we have too many local cats and urban foxes here.

Billie :)