Friday, March 28, 2008


Need I remind you, this blog will continue to take a Spring Break from Bliss Monkey Studio time, and instead focus on March madness weather, paint, lack of gardening, soggy outdoor adventures and joyful family goodness?

With the weather being extremely DAMP and the strange DROP in temperatures, including intermittent snow flurries (after bulbs have bloomed outdoors etc), we content ourselves with indoor painting projects, game fests, and mayhem. BUT when the clouds part, we slap on our coats and dash outdoors to run, explore, breath deep! Get some fresh air before the next storm cloud rolls over. I love snapping photos when the sun is out. Alton Baker Park here....

Can you see the Osprey in the tree? We watched a nesting pair hunt today. These birds are impressive with a 5+foot wingspan.

The colorful building in our Science Factory, kid museum and planetarium, and all around cute landmark- great for rainy days and summer day camps.

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The Caffeinated Crafter said...

I want the science factory to be my studio. Think they'd, I don't know, just give it to me? You could have half of it... and I'd have the other half... and we'd create monster-y cozy goodness in that colorful dome.