Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keychain Cozy - "Lemons"

Yes! Finally a way to keep your coffee cozy close at hand! It's a new invention of mine and just went up in my etsy store today. Coffee cuff, coin, card, keychain keeper.... didja get that? A wee keychain purse invented for storing your coffee shop goodies, but you can use for anything. What about keeping your rings safe when you work out at the gym? What else can you come up with?

When life gives you lemons..... quick make a cozy!!!


Brandon said...

I love this Aly! Super cute and very styley! Awww Lemons so fresh!

Adopt-a-Critter said...

I have to have this!

Brandon said...

Adopt-a-critter I want this. Ok I'll just give aly another Lemon theres lots for everyone!


Adopt-a-Critter said...

Let's paper-rock-scissor for it.